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Zippia, IncKristina Hambardzumyan
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Data Scientist

Киевская область, г. Киев
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Zippia, Inc. is an early­stage consumer internet start­up in Silicon Valley.  Our mission is to
empower people with the best information and tools necessary to achieve their career
aspirations.  Our co­founders have worked together before and have started multiple technology
and internet businesses previously and had multiple successful exits.

We are looking for a strong software engineer(s) with keen interests in natural language
processing and machine learning to be part of our Data Science team. The ideal candidate is a
data scientist who is passionate about turning massive amounts of text data, job postings, web
free form contents, resumes and personal profile information into actionable career paths for

You will need to extract insights from a range of different unstructured data sets, to find patterns
in human behavior, and use your analytical skills to take our career exploration products to the
next level. You love using simple solutions that get you 80% of the way to a solution but are
aware of how to get deep neural networks and word vectors to play nice if you need them to.

Key Qualifications :
  ­ Hands on experience with NLP toolkits such as ScalaNLP, NLTK, OpenNLP, Stanford
CoreNLP and information retrieval algorithms
  ­ Strong knowledge of named entity recognition, word­sense disambiguation, language
modeling, parsing, syntax trees, dependency graphs.
  ­ Hands­on experience with supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms for
regression, classification, and clustering
  ­ Familiar with classical statistics and time series analysis
  ­ Hands­on experience analyzing large data sets
  ­ Hands­on experience using structured and unstructured data
  ­ Proficient in Python
  ­ Familiar with A/B testing methodology and test analysis
  ­ Agile, action­oriented, quick thinker: you can deliver preliminary results fast by making
simplifying assumptions, and take time to dive deeper if our business priorities allow and if the
problem demands more scientific rigor
  ­ Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken.
  ­ M.S. or Ph.D. in one of the following: Computer Science (with focus on artificial intelligence,
data mining, or machine learning).
Application instructions:
The salary will be commensurate with the experience and qualification level of the candidate.

For details please visit . To apply, email your resume to jobs@zippia.com with "Data Scientist" in the subject line.

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